Lecturers and topics


Alberto Basset
  • Spatial components of size allometries and their expected relationship with climate change

Mara Baudena
  • Forests, savannas, and grasslands: bridging the knowledge gap between ecology and Dynamic Global Vegetation Models
  • Plant-plant Interactions as a driver of biodiversity and community

Carl Beierkuhnlein
  • Communities - Catchments - Landscapes: Linking ecosystem fluxes and environmental change across scales
  • Sampling approaches at different scales: Challenges and pitfalls

Alessandro Chiarucci
  • Cross-scale patterns and measurements in biodiversity

Francesco D'Ovidio
  • Unveiling the dynamical landscape of pelagic ecosystems

Ghada El Serafy
  • Dealing with uncertainties in ecological modelling and forecasting systems

Elisabetta Erba
  • The carbon cycle in the ocean: atmosphere- hydrosphere-biosphere-geosphere interactions at short- and medium- term
  • The surface organic and inorganic C cycles at long-term: sedimentation in the oceans

Klaus Fraedrich
      Along the rainfall-runoff chain:
  • A set of parsimonious models: rainfall, runoff, radiation
  • Change and attribution: biosphere and biodiversity

Arnon Karnieli
  • Change detection - methods and applications

Tim Lenton
  • Revolutions that made the Earth - about the coupled history of life and the planet
  • Anthropocene - about whether humans are causing a new revolution for the Earth system
  • Early warning of climate tipping points

Stefano Poli
  • The long-term carbon cycle: feeding the reservoirs of volatile elements in the Earth interior
  • Earth degassing: long- and short-term processes governing the release of CO2, H2O, and other abiotic gas species to the atmosphere

Antonello Provenzale
  • Terrestrial vegetation response to intermittent drivers: a conceptual modelling approach
  • Mesoscale turbulence and its effects on the marine ecosystem

Leonard A. Smith
  • From Termites and Penguins to Blocking and the Andes: Interpreting Models of the Earth System

Ariane Walz
  • Recent approaches in cross-scale ecosystem research



Mara Baudena
  • Revealing patterns of species richness along environmental gradients with a novel network tool

Chiara Boschi
  • The role of the weathering of the rocks and carbonate precipitation in the long-term carbon-cycle

Jost von Hardenberg
  • Global Climate Models and cross-scale interactions

Niv de Malach / Moshe Shahack
  • The role of organisms as ecosystem engineers in coupling geosphere-biosphere systems

Elisa Palazzi
  • Observations and modelling of the hydrological cycle in the mountain regions: precipitation, snow and elevation-dependent warming

Jose Manuel Redondo
  • Multifractal-scaling-in the Environment

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