How to get to the school

The Course will be held from the early morning of Wednesday June 15th to Friday June 24th, 2016 at the Conference Center at the City Hall of Valsavarenche , a small village at about 1500 meters above the sea-level in the Gran Paradiso National Park, Aosta Valley, Italy (MAP). Participants will be lodged in three hotels in Valsavarenche.

There will be a shuttle bus organized by the school to pick you up on Tuesday, June 14th 2016: The bus will leave from the "Torino Porta Susa" train station at 18,00 and from the Torino "Caselle" international airport at 18,40. The meeting point will be outside the train station at "Exit A", and outside the arrivals terminal at the airport. Please inform the Scientific Secretary of the school if you plan using this service.

If you do not use the bus provided by the school, you will have to arrange your own travel. You may reach Aosta by bus or by train and from there, take regular buses to Valsavarenche (with a connection in Villeneuve, timetable).

Return from the school will be organized as needed during the school.

Other details, relevant links and timetables are provided below.

If you arrive by plane:

At the Torino "Caselle" Airport

If you arrive on Tuesday, June 14th at the "Torino Caselle" Airport, you may take the shuttle bus provided by the school. If you arrive with a different schedule, there are regular buses from the airport to the "Porta Susa" train station in Torino (schedule). From there you may take a train to Aosta and then buses to Valsavarenche (please note that this solution implies several connections).

At the Milano "Malpensa" Airport

From the "Milano Malpensa" Airport there are buses to Torino ( info ). If you wish to take a train, you may take the bus to Milano, or, even better, Novara, and from there catch a train to Torino (or possibly directly to Aosta). There is no direct bus or train connection between Malpensa and Aosta. If possible, we suggest you to fly to Torino rather than to Milano.

If you arrive by train:

There are two important train stations in Torino, Torino Porta Susa and Torino Porta Nuova. The bus provided by the school will pick you up at Torino Porta Susa. In order to go from Porta Nuova station to Porta Susa station, take the Metro line 1.

For information on the train timetable you may use the following links:

The Italian Railways (FS) website provides information on national connections and tickets.

If you arrive by car:

From Torino, take the highway Torino-Aosta (A5). Exit at "Aosta Ovest/Saint Pierre" and follow the signs to Valsavarenche.

(Updated: Jan 2016 by JvH)